Why It’s important to use natural products on your skin?!

Why It’s important to use natural products on your skin?!

What’s an extreme sport?
Going a full day without moisturiser. ?

Keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant is important, because healthy skin is one of the biggest indicators that tell us whether we are healthy on the inside too. In fact, the skin is the largest organ of our entire body, so we really should treat it with care. Choosing clean beauty means not only choosing the best products for our face, but also the planet. To maintain clean beauty, we focus on ingredient safety and the effect it will have on our bodies and our overall health.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Natural Skincare Products

1. Avoid Irritation
Chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers in skin care products and makeup can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. Many people are even allergic to chemicals commonly found in conventionally produced products.

2. No Strange Side Effects
Parabens are used in conventionally produced health and beauty products as a preservative to extend the shelf life of products. Parabens, however, are synthetic and mimic your body’s natural hormones. Many people worry that this can alter the functions of your body’s endocrine system. Natural health and beauty products use natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract, that won’t affect your body. And while some people have allergies to a few natural ingredients (lanolin, which comes from wool, is an allergen for some) the effects are much more understood than the ones from synthetic ingredients.

3. Sense of smell
Most people love it when their skincare products have a nice smell. Cosmetic companies are aware of this and that’s why they fragrance their products in order to attract the consumers. However, the fragrance is most likely to contain harmful chemicals that can cause nasal irritation. Naturally, skincare products don’t have a very good smell without the help of fragrance.

4. Buying better quality, organic and natural products actually means you end up saving a lot in the long run!
How nice it would be to know we are doing something great for our health, while also saving money at the same time? Well, if you switch to natural and organic skincare products you can do just that.
Organic and natural skincare products are actually very cost effective when compared to their non-natural alternatives, especially as the quality of the ingredients means you can use less, which in turn means the product will last longer over time.
While some chemical based products may be cheaper, you end up needing to use a lot of them – putting layer after layer of moisturiser on as your skin still feels dry, therefore having to buy more of it, and actually costing you more in the long run

5. Organic skin care is more active
An average synthetic skincare product contains about 5% of active ingredients while an average organic product is made up of 95-98% of active ingredients which makes it so effective on your skin.

At my salon you find my new love, passion what you can try and buy anytime. The results speaks for itself.

Quality Priciples for Herbsgarden

“Our goal is to produce the most effective yet organic cosmetics, that meet the challenges of today. Products that maintain and protect your skin’s health and youth and stimulate natural regeneration. Because your skin is valuable, it’s a direct reflection of your health! ” – Tímea Both

Herbsgarden’s team of experts focuses on the following aspects when developing their product range:

1. We always source the raw materials for our products from reliable, proven suppliers, with organic certification where possible!

As Hungary is world renowned for traditional herbs – more than 330 varieties of herbs available – many of our ingredients (eg Heviz mud, Lavender, Chamomile, Sage, Mint, hyssop) are locally grown. Ingredients that are not native or special in our country (eg Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Hyarulon, Peptides) are imported from other Member States of the European Union, Australia or from the United States. All our ingredients are certified.

2. Production takes place in a laboratory near Budapest folowwing the highest hygiene and quality standards.

To ensure our quality, we conduct independent microbiological testing of all product types, and our activities are also monitored by independent pharmacists and chemists. The complete documentation of these health and professional control processes are available at our site for authorities. All our products follow the EU regulations and are properly licensed.

3. All plant-based oils*we use are cold-pressed.

Heating leads to a lot more oil, but the active ingredient level is exponentially less (and cheaper). Cold extraction does not compromise the valuable vitamins, essential fatty acids and other active ingredients that add the desired beneficial effect, such as slow down skin aging and support cell protection functions.  Our company currently uses more than 100 types of herbal active ingredients for its unique products.

  • except for soaps

4. Our products are rich in active ingredients, we probably use the widest array and quantity within the sector

We are proud to experiment with our wide array of active ingredients, preferring the real, visible effect over the loud “marketing-smelling” ingredients. Natural active ingredients are plants, fruits, algae, vegetables, resins, sludge, etc., in the form of extracts, vegetable oils, essential oils, hydrolates etc. Natural ingredients ignored in the active ingredient content: water, emulsifiers, gelling agents, etc. Water might be natural, but it’s not an active ingredient, unless it’s a flower water, a highly beneficial side product of essential oil making.

5. Our products do not contain harmful or synthetic ingredients!

These include, in particular, parabens. petroleum derivatives, or SLS (sodium-laureth-sulfate), which is a source of many hazards. Although they result in temporarily softness, they actually have a drying effect that greatly inhibits the skin’s natural breathing. Due to their skin-irritating nature we do not use synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances and irritant preservatives. Today there are about 20,000 authorized substances for cosmetic use. Only 700 of these are authorized by the most stringent BDIH logo we have set out to achieve. We are proud that our products have a due date, just like all living things. They are better absorbed by the skin, therefore have long term effect in providing a healthy glow and youthful elasticity.

7. We do not perform animal experiments during our product development!

Pursuant to Article 18 of Chapter V of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, animal testing is prohibited in the European Union for cosmetic purposes. As per our corporate belief, we anyway do not use chemicals or artificial substances that would need it. We test the effectiveness and quality of our products through volunteers and laboratory tests.

8. We constantly monitor the development of the cosmetics world, both at home and internationally!

We place great emphasis on testing and introducing new active substances and technologies while following risk assessments of product components to maximize environmental and human safety.

9. Most of all, we believe in our products!

We hope you will use them with as much enthusiasm and love as we make them ?