Daily Skincare

Daily Skincare

Only 37% of women are actively attempting to stick to a skincare routine.

Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA — your daily habits, in fact, have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. But depending on which product reviews you read or doctors you consult, there is a dizzying number of opinions on everything from how to moisturize to how to protect yourself from UV rays. Ultimately, caring for your skin is simply personal.

Step 1: Cleanser
The first step to your skincare routine is always cleansing. Cleansers are designed to help remove dirt, debris, and makeup. Cleansing in the morning is necessary to remove oil and build up that may happen overnight.

Cleansing at night is equally important, especially to remove makeup. Makeup is composed of ingredients that allow it to last all day, so you must cleanse your face every night before bed to ensure your skin is able to replenish itself.

Step 2: Toner/Astringent
The next step in your skin care routine is using a toner or astringent. A toner or astringent is going to help rebalance your skin, provide gentle exfoliation, refine your skin, and can help restore hydration. Astringents play an important role in minimizing the appearance of pores, and help to rebalance the appearance of your complexion. This step is done prior to applying your serum or moisturizer to help retain the moisture that they both provide. Astringents play an important role in minimizing the appearance of pores, and help to re-balance the appearance of your complexion. The reason this step is done prior to applying your serum or moisturizer is to help retain the moisture that both provide.

Step 3: Serum
Applying a serum is often over-looked. Serums are formulated with a high concentration of key ingredients but are lightweight in formula so they can be layered under creams or lotions. This is why they go on before moisturizers, not after. You can think of a serum like a vitamin for your complexion: The more beneficial ingredients you provide to the surface layer of your skin the better it will appear.

Step 4: Moisturizer, Nourishing
Applying a moisturizer is going to help hydrate the surface layer of the skin to help keep it younger-looking.As we age, the body produces less of its natural moisturizers and production of collagen slows down so we lose elasticity. These are the two factors that keep our skin young-looking. Thus, it’s crucial to keep your skin moisturized. Look for ingredients like Seaweed and Peptides to help restore moisture and improve your skin’s texture. Even for younger skin, moisturizers help smooth the skin, keeping it younger-looking longer.

Step 5: Eye Treatment
Want to look awake, happy and younger-looking? Then the eye area deserves special attention.Why? Because the eye area is so delicate, and one of the first areas to show signs of aging, such as crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. People of all ages and skin types can stay younger-looking by adding an eye treatment into their skin care routine.

Step 6: Primer BB Cream
Did you know that BB stands for Beauty Balm? It was developed in Germany in the 1950s to cover the skin after chemical and plastic treatments. Yet it gained its popularity in Asian countries where it’s considered to be the secret behind porcelain skin.

Every BB cream has some moisturizer, colorant and usually sunscreen. The difference is their quality and proportion, so here (as with any other cream) compare the list of ingredients! Herbsgarden BB Cream is one of the best skin care products: green tea flower water, jojoba oil, argan oil, apricot kernel oil, tiger grass extract are accompanied by wide spectrum physical sunblock!